Blackjack Strategy

If you’ve read this blackjack rules and game-play section, then you know all you need to to sit down and enjoy a game of online Blackjack. But does it seem like one essential thing is missing? We explained all of the options available to you when it comes down to decision time in blackjack, but we didn’t bother to let you know what the best decision should be. Enter, blackjack’s basic strategy.


Basic Blackjack strategy in the world is a reference to one very specific thing: a chart of best decisions for every possible two card hand you are dealt. So for every hand you are given by the dealer, you can reference a chart and see what that you should do with that combination of cards, when facing the dealer’s up-card. Along the top of the chart are all of the possible dealer up-cards, then down the left hand side are all of the two-card combinations you could possible have. Follow the row that indicates your hand over to the column that is the dealer’s up-card. In the cell you’ve just found there will be a letter indicating to either Hit, Stand, Split, or Double Down.

Have a look at the basic strategy charts for blackjack presented below. Keep in mind, one chart is to show you how to handle pairs, which you may or may not want to split into two new hands.

This basic strategy is consistent with the rules of our free blackjack game. Our game features just one deck, dealer stands on all 17s, you can double down on any two cards, double after a split, and there is no surrender. The cards are shuffled after every hand.